Celebrity Endorsement

Utilizing a well famous, high profile name to endorse your product and services is very simple. With the right celebrity support, you can build brand awareness, impact buyers into buying your products and transform likely clients into significant brand advocates.  It is very important to choose the right celebrity endorsement company which highly help you in selecting the famous personality as per your brand and business. Celewish is associated with various performers, models, actors etc. for brand promotion.



In a significant stride toward innovation and style, Blackzone proudly welcomes Mouni Roy as our esteemed brand ambassador. This collaboration marks the beginning of a journey that promises to redefine the way we connect with technology.

Blackzone, a brand synonymous with innovation and uniqueness, takes pride in offering customised feature phones and smartwatches. With a spectrum of multiple color straps to match your daily outfits, our products seamlessly blend technology with style.

Mouni Roy, a trailblazer in the world of entertainment, epitomizes the ethos of Blackzone. Her grace, charm, and wide appeal align perfectly with our brand's commitment to delivering cutting-edge products that resonate with the diverse preferences of our audience.

As we embark on this exciting venture, we envision a future where Blackzone becomes synonymous with Desh Ka Apna Phone. Our commitment to quality, functionality, and a touch of personal style reflects in every product we create.

This collaboration is made possible by Celewish Media, a powerhouse in the world of endorsements. Their knack for connecting brands with the right influencers ensures impactful partnerships that leave a lasting impression.

Explore the world of Blackzone with Mouni Roy – where innovation meets elegance, and technology becomes a style statement. Stay tuned for an unparalleled experience with Desh Ka Apna Phone!



Celewish Media is a highly talented team of experts, delivering high-quality advertisements for your brands. Celewish recently took another leap in the brand endorsement area.

We are proud to announce that the popular advertisement of the brand IITIIMShaadi.com featuring none other than Karan Johar has been shot under the umbrella of Celewish Media Pvt. Ltd.

The IITIIMShaadi.com concept has been smartly endorsed by Bollywood’s cupid Karan Johar himself and the advertisement is certainly doing rounds on the Internet.

Karan Johar begins by pronouncing his own movie’s dialogue “Hum ek baar jeete hain, Ek baar marte hain, aur shaadi bhi ek he baar karte hain” in the IITIIMShaadi.com ad. He proceeds by briefly explaining the concept and claims that IITIIMShaadi.com is the one-stop platform for the alumni of the Top 10-15 colleges of the country and how you can ‘help them help you by registering on the IITIIMShaadi.com platform.

The IITMShaadi.com ad became an instant hit and is going viral across all social media platforms.

Are viral ads and brand endorsements the need for your business? Contact Celewish Media.



Celewish Media, known for its expertise in connecting celebrities with brands, has earned a reputation for its ability to curate impactful partnerships. By bringing Bhagyashree on board, Celewish Media recognizes her influence, popularity, and ability to resonate with the target audience of IITIIM Shadi. Bhagyashree, an accomplished actress with a strong fan base, embodies grace, elegance, and relatability, making her an ideal choice to endorse a brand focused on matrimonial services like IITIIM Shadi. The brand offers a unique and tailored approach to matchmaking, combining technology, compatibility analysis, and personalized services to help individuals find their life partners within this select group. By partnering with Bhagyashree, IITIIM Shadi aims to enhance its visibility, credibility, and reach among its target audience.

By partnering with Celewish Media, brands can tap into a vast network of celebrities, gaining access to their influence, credibility, and fan following. Whether it's a fashion brand, a tech startup, or a consumer goods company, Celewish Media can tailor endorsement collaborations to suit specific brand requirements and objectives.



Celewish Media is becoming the talk of the town when it comes to high quality Celebrity endorsements with a team that is fully dedicated to provide outstanding endorsement services.

We at Celewish are elated to announce our latest brand endorsement with none other than the very glamorous and gorgeous, ‘Bebo of Bollywood’, Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The brand is an exclusive interior decor company Glorio that showcases the largest range of interior decor products in India from a vast list of more than 20 brands in the country. Kareena in her own amazing style explains how important it is to have a positive and comfortable decor whether it is an office space or a home.

We at Celewish understand your endorsement needs to the core and along with a huge range of celebrities associated with us, we have also built a strong team of experts to deliver you the best quality brand endorsements.Want to strengthen your Branding game? Celewish is your best choice.


Positive Gems (Sunny Leone)

Sunny Leone has a unique connection with the multi-vitamin brand Positive Gems. Thanks to the innovative meet and greet platform Celewish, Sunny Leone could interact with her fans and endorse the brand Positive Gems. Her healthy lifestyle and fitness regime perfectly align with the positive health benefits of the brand's products. With Sunny Leone's endorsement, Positive Gems has gained immense popularity among her fans, making it a trusted brand for health supplements.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the multi-vitamin brand 'Positive Gems' and the renowned celebrity meet-and-greet platform 'Celewish' joined forces to create an innovative marketing campaign that took the industry by storm. At the heart of this partnership was none other than the famous celebrity, Sunny Leone.

Positive Gems, a leading provider of high-quality multivitamins and health supplements, sought to enhance its brand visibility and reach a broader audience. Recognizing the power of celebrity endorsements, they decided to team up with Celewish, a unique platform that facilitated personalized interactions between fans and their favourite stars. Celewish had already gained immense traction in the entertainment industry, connecting fans with various celebrities from different fields, and the collaboration with Positive Gems was an exciting addition to their portfolio.

You can also endorse your brand with Celewish. Just contact us now!


Amani Accessories

Jasmine Bhasin, the renowned Indian actress and television personality, has recently formed a partnership with Celewish Media, a prominent endorsement platform, to collaborate on endorsing the brand Amani Accessories. This strategic alliance marks an exciting chapter in both Jasmine Bhasin's career and Amani Accessories' brand journey, promising a fruitful collaboration between the two entities.

Amani Accessories, a brand known for its fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, offers a diverse collection of accessories ranging from amazing watches to headphones and goggles. The brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and timeless design has earned it a loyal customer base over the years. By partnering with Jasmine Bhasin, Amani Accessories aims to further strengthen its position in the fashion industry and expand its reach to a wider audience.

Celewish Media, an influential endorsement platform renowned for its expertise in connecting celebrities and brands, played a pivotal role in bringing Jasmine Bhasin and Amani Accessories together. With their extensive network of celebrities and their deep understanding of brand collaborations, Celewish Media recognized the potential synergy between Jasmine's persona and Amani Accessories' offerings. This collaboration serves as a testament to Celewish Media's ability to curate impactful partnerships and create mutually beneficial relationships.

You can also endorse your brand through any celebrity of your choice with the help of Celewish Media.


Amani Accessories

With an outstanding team of experts Celewish is all set to be the King of Brand Endorsements in the industry. Proudly celebrating another achievement with a high quality celebrity endorsement delivered to "Amani Accessories". None other than the “Dancing Superstar” of Bollywood, Govinda, recently endorsed the well-known Made in India brand for superior quality electronic accessories and gadgets, named Amani Accessories. Their accessories include Bluetooth speakers, Power Banks, Headphones, Earphones and a whole range of such products in different designs and specifications to choose from.

The advertisement has been successfully shot under our umbrella and is doing rounds all around the media. We always believe in providing cutting-edge branding and advertising services with no compromise on quality.

If you are a brand who wants to scale their business, Celewish is here to take you to those heights. For booking a premium quality celebrity endorsement, click on www.celewish.com and let’s get going.


Saumya Tandon X Kaylite Skin Care

Celewish is becoming one of the most popular platforms for celebrity endorsements. There are numerous brands that are connected with our platform to promote their business in various domains. Recently, the famous healthcare company, Nava Health Care Pvt Ltd., has joined hands with Celewish for the endorsement of their skincare range, Kaylite. This has been a very proud moment for us. And we are very happy to announce that a famous actress from the popular show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Saumya Tandon has joined hands with the brand. She has been roped as the brand ambassador of Kaylite skin care products.

Kaylite is one of the most trusted brands for skincare products. Saumya Tandon talks about the benefits of the product like the treatment of dark spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin. In the video that she has uploaded on social media, she recommends everyone to use the products of this brand.

If you are also looking for an outstanding platform to endorse your product, you can contact Celewish. We can help you in leading the branding race.


Cobra Pregnancy Kit

Celewish Media is a Team of excellent professionals providing cutting edge Celebrity Brand endorsement services.

Yes you heard it right, with the most dedicated, qualified and creative team, delivering the best in class services, we proudly announce, the successful completion of an endorsement assignment, with the sensational heart throb of Bollywood, Sunny Leone.

The endorsement has been shot under the best quality supervision of the expert team at Celewish for 'Cobra "Shubha Samachar" Pregnancy Kit', a Product of Anondita Healthcare.

It is a "one step urine HCG pregnancy kit" that promises "100% accuracy rate".

In the endorsement,
Sunny Leone explains that, this product has an agglutinating sera reagent for the detection of HCG for in-vitro diagnostic use.

With an intention to help the society be aware of the product Sunny Leone has been the brand ambassador for this product and we are happy to be enabling this great cause.

For promoting your brand name that needs no compromise on quality and accuracy, Celewish is your best solution. Choose us to take your brand to sky-high levels, in no time. Just click on celewish.com, and let's get started.


Monster Energy

Celewish Media has a proven track record of breaking high profile deals in brand endorsements. We are proud to announce another feather in the hat, achieved through our high quality advertising and endorsement services. With an extremely talented team of experts, great opportunities keep pouring in for Celewish Media and this time it is with the beast, the pride of our nation, “The Indian Tigress”, Ritu Phogat for the well-known brand Monster Energy, endorsing their premium energy drink. Unleashing the beast with the best in class - Celewish Media !

The endorsement is an instant hit across all social media platforms and especially on Instagram.

For quickly sky rocketing your brand’s name, all you need is Celewish.

Click on www.celewish.com Choose your best suited celebrity and book now. Take your brand to new heights with Celewish Media.


Fix Derma

If you are looking for outstanding TVC brand campaigns with the coolest and some of the top celebrities, you are at the right place. With a great team, a huge celebrity network and wide presence on social media, Celewish Media is growing to be one of the best endorsement companies of India. FixDerma Skin care TVC advertisement shot under Celewish Media, featuring Rushad Rana, is yet another successful TVC brand campaign adding to our list. FixDerma’s Foobetik Cream is a great solution for cracked heels, foot infection, burning sensation and diabetic feet etc. recommended by experts. The advertisement is running successfully across all social media pages.

Benefits of hiring celebrity endorsement in India.

At the point when we think about India’s generally well known and the greatest organisation, we can imagine that it is truly simple for them to move towards the famous people who truly enthusiastically advance their items. In any case, the issue emerges for the independent companies that are not in the situation to pay such a lot of cash for ads. In this manner, it becomes fundamental to note that notwithstanding this multitude, the celebrity endorsement company in India investigates every possibility to present the most ideal sort of celebrity endorsement advertisement services for its clients. Celewish is popular for giving celebrity endorsements to different brands.

Have a Look on Advantages of celebrity endorsements:-

  • Build Trust:- Although it doesn’t follow that a brand that is supported by a big name will without a doubt have an expanded trust rating, it assists with eliminating individual apprehension of an unknown brand. You don't have to put stock in whatever a celebrity says, however you will most likely consider purchasing what the individual once referenced than purchasing what a salesman keeps telling you.
  • Prominence:- The significant motivation behind why many organizations utilize this strategy to ride on the popularity of their celebrity endorsers. Indeed even a product that has never been known about can turn into a moment superstar, as well.
  • Name Recall:- When a famous celebrity endorses a specific brand people can easily recall the brand name each time they see or even think of that celebrity. It’s resembles considering Nike at whatever point you consider Michael Jordan.
  • Teach consumers:- If you get a celebrity endorsement for your product you don't think it is difficult to disclose to general society what’s really going with your products. Your endorser can easily package the information in his or her own language, which many people have already been acclimated to.

Book Celebrity for Event

Event planning can be a little bit tricky. As there are a lot of things to manage, organizing many things in a proper manner. There are some events that are meant to be highly remembered and Celewish is here to help you with that. Celewish provides you with a long list of Indian celebrities who can be highly helpful to brand your product or any other as per client needs. From hiring Indian celebrities for events, advertising to Celewish has made it super easy for you to select, shortlist and book the best celebrity with your suitable budget. Hiring a celebrity for an event, it's vital to understand the booking process, not just the negotiation and contract phase. But also things like ensuring you’re picking the right celebrity to match your event and steps involved in bringing them on board. Before you start your search, here are a couple of accommodating things to keep in mind

  • Figure out your budget
  • Select celebrities who can show the best passion to your brand
  • Know your target audience

Celebrity Brand

Celewish is one most famous celebrity management agencies in India with expertise in managing a Celebrity brand in the market. Choose a celebrity image that matches the brand product or service. Brands are your biggest fans they only support you in raising your profile and promoting your products to your centre, target audience. Celewish is the right choice for any business looking to evaluate a brand portfolio and establish an effective brand architecture.

Frequently asked question

It’s not only our clients who are saying that we are the best, but a lot of review platforms
recognise us as one of the promising app development

When a celebrity endorses a brand then they often bring their followers along too, generating new consumers for the brand as they reach a new market. The celebrity appeals to their customers which then can become brands customers, as they want to try what their celebrity is endorsing.

Yes, celebrity endorsement and branding can increase sales. Signing a celebrity endorsement can cause the value of stocks to rise and increase sales by 10% according to social media. Recently social media has also been a major factor in driving product sales.

There are various types of celebrity endorsements available. Selection is on your hand that which celebrity fits your product and services. It depends upon your requirement which to select.

Depending on the services, product and occasions, you want a personalized video from a celebrity more comfortable to your selected activity.

There are various advantages to utilizing celebrities in advertising.

  • First and foremost, it will attract more new users.
  • Get the best position of a brand
  • Build brand awareness
  • Influence consumer purchases
  • Brand positioning

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It’s not only our clients who are saying that we are the best, but a lot of review platforms
recognise us as one of the promising app development

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