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Anupamaa | A Show Highlighting Women’s Rights

Anupamaa is what you will hear nowadays from everyone. Not a single Indian daily soap lover would have not watched this Rupali Ganguly serial. In fact, the ones who are not interested in daily soaps, also have had at least a glimpse of the show and would know the highlights of the story. It is one of the most popular Indian daily soaps. It is a show that revolves around the self-respect of women in the male-dominated world. This show got huge fame from the audience when Anupamaa, the main character of the show, decided to live her life on her own terms. This encouraged the feeling of self-respect for the women in society and speaks of equality.

Anupamaa serial first episode aired on 13 July 2020 on the famous Indian tv channel Star Plus. There has been a total of 800 episodes telecasted of this show which has gained a lot of love from the audience. The story goes through various ups and downs with the release of every episode. Let’s discuss the details of this highly popular Indian drama.


The lead character of the show, Anupamaa, is one of the typical Indian housewives. Her family is her priority and even after her unconditional love for them, she is ill-treated by them. Her husband does not respect her because of her lack of education. Her children also mistreat her because she is not as cool as they want her to be. Her mother-in-law also makes every day of her life a living hell. But there are few members of her family who loves her. Her father-in-law treats her like his own daughter and takes care of her well-being. Also, her younger son, Samar, loves and respects her very much and defends her against their family in all situations.

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The Story throughout the Episodes

As Anupamaa is not treated well by her family, she decides to file a divorce against her husband who does not consider her enough valuable for himself. Anupamaa worships this man and he does not care anything about her. So, she finally divorces this man and goes on to live an independent life. As her family always comes first to her, even after the Ill-treatment they give to her, she decides to move into the same house where her ex-husband lives with his new wife.

Anupamaa serial story becomes more interesting when she met one of her old friends, Anuj Kapadia. Anuj is in love with her and helps her in becoming an independent woman through various business enterprises. Anupamaa becomes his business partner and also opens her own dance academy. Anuj and Anupamaa both respect each other and people around them love this respectful relationship of theirs. They are a beautiful couple and have love and respect as the foundation of their relationship.

The Cast

The serial has an amazing cast and every character plays its role brilliantly. Every character in the Anupamaa cast has its own significance and a distinct dialogue delivery style. Let’s see what these characters are and what are their roles in the show.


Anupamaa is the lead character, played by Rupali Ganguly, and the entire show revolves around her. She is not treated well by her family but she still makes great efforts to keep them happy and satisfied. For her, her family comes first and everything else comes after that. Her husband does not consider her capable enough of doing anything. She tells everyone that self-respect is an important thing and everyone must take for that. But she still does not take her self-respect into consideration when it comes to her family.

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Vanraj Shah

Vanraj is the ex-husband of Anupamaa and is played by Sudhanshu Pandey. He is an insecure sociopath who can not stand anyone’s happiness. He disrespects Anupamaa for every single thing, even her getting old with time. Anupamaa and Vanraj are married for more than 25 years, and he still does not remember her birthday. He also dislikes her new job which she does for her own happiness and to become an independent woman. Vanraj also has had an affair with his office colleague for many years. He even dislikes Anupamaa’s happiness after the divorce and does not encourage her to live her life on her terms.

Anuj Kapadia

Gaurav Khanna plays the role of Anuj Kapadia who is a former batchmate of Anupamaa from her college. He loves Anupamaa very much and also respects her at every moment. He has also made Anupamaa his business partner and helped her in establishing her dancing academy. Their relationship involves great love and respect for each other.

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Other Cast Members

 Name of the Character

 Role in the Show

 Played By

 Kavya Shah

 Vanraj's new wife

 Madalsa Sh.arma Chakraborty

 Samar Shah

 Anupamaaa and Vanraj's younger son

 Paras Kalnawat (replaced by Sagar Parekh)

 Paritosh Shah

 Anupamaaa and Vanraj's elder son

 Ashish Mehrotra

 Pakhi Shah Mehta

 Anupamaaa and Vanraj's daughter

 Muskaan Bamne

 Adhik Mehta

 Pakhi’s husband

 Adhik Mehta

 Leela Shah aka Baa

 Vanraj’s mother

 Alpana Buch

 Hasmukh Shah aka Bapuji

 Vanraj’s father

 Arvind Vaidya

 Kinjal Dave Shah

 Paritosh's wife

 Nidhi Shah

 Dolly Shah Dhamecha

 Vanraj’s sister

 Ekta Saraiya

 Sanjay Dhamecha

 Dolly’s husband

 Paresh Bhatt

 Kanta Joshi

 Anupamaaa’s mother

 Madhavi Gogate


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Wrapping Up

Anupamaa serial is all about a perfect housemaker who loves her family more than anything else in the world but despite her unconditional love, her family does not treat her well and disrespects her a lot. She finally speaks for herself and lives her life as per her own will. This is the big message this show conveys, that everyone has the freedom to live their lives on their own terms. In our society, people keep going on with such old relations. It requires great courage to do what Anupamaa has done. This attracted a large audience to the show. Other than this social message, the entire show includes various funny, emotional, and dramatic moments. Well, after all, IT IS a drama show.

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